Me, Myself and What Poetry Did To Us

I wish I could hide

Find a place devoid of you

But every space is you


No matter the distance

I am still next you

Caught in your shadown


But I do love you

It is hard to believe even,

Even for me most days


Days when your casualty

Would be my pleasure,

and your pleasure my casualty


Days when you told me

No, not today or

Shh, not right now

But I still do love you


But why?

Because you are,

my survival

Because the words you exude,

heal my wounds

Because when you speak,

People hear us

Because your broken heart,

loves so much harder than mine

Because you are,

my strength


You are the side of Me,

That made it

You, found the way out

While I wept,

You, and your eyes were dry

While I moaned in agony,

You, took that pain

You became better

I stayed the same.


The difference between you and me though

You found words

While I remained silent

You spoke of what hurt us

You spoke of what built you up

You pursued a life

All the while,

I still remained silent




Here is where we go our separate ways

You grew into a wordsy goddess of the loquacious

You shed me like an outer skin

You left me behind

With nothing left but resentment




So I was angry

I wanted us both gone

I wanted you to be me again

So I grew inside of you

Making it harder for you stand

Making it harder for you achieve



I watched you crumble

And revert back to

The decumbent position

We once lived in



And then you did something you've never done before

You fought back




You told me I was weak

You showed me the words the helped you prosper

You replaced me with Poetry


But, Somehow

I still do love you


Because the moment I express my hate for you

We both die

You in this world

and Me in our mind


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