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Now let’s see, there once was a cow named Betsy. She was as cute as could be, you see. She had a bow upon her head; she would make the grass her bed. All the other cows loved her, it’s true. But one day, Betsy felt so blue. Why you may ask?
Why don’t you, Wrap yourself? In the mighty, Flag of the nation. It is guaranteed, You will need, No white fabric, To cover your restful corpse, No dressings,
Fear overrides all other senses A fear of the unknown and undiscovered This emotion knocks down all defenses But to persevere now is to conquer  
You’re very cute when you’re little, With your round wobbly legs.   But you’re growing up fast, And you’re no longer small.   Your red spots on your white coat
Let me tell you how I would live as a cow Though it's no way to behave I would start a bovine rave And I would be much happier than thou.
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