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There is a FRAUD and a THIEFApparently from NigeriaWho plagiarizes all day longHe steals poetry for pleasureAnd post on internetUnder his own nameHis favorite source isPOETRYSOUP.COM
If I had a voice to sing With every breath my voice would ring Out into every starry night, And at the dawn When my words have gone I will with them take flight.   It is from their heart
this is a word that doesn't dignify respect it's a word that one assasinates any person that pours one heart to something they already create straight from the heart i'm an artist that writes from the heart 
Most days I don't even wanna see your face. You think everything in life is always a race. If it was then I would win, even though I'm not tryin'. How does it feel to always come in second place?  
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