this is a word that doesn't dignify respect

it's a word that one assasinates any person that pours one heart to something they already create

straight from the heart

i'm an artist that writes from the heart 

that is what makes is valuable

it's original

it's diverse

it's funny

it's sincere

it's genuine

it's even controversial (at times)

i get inspirational everywhere

something i felt

something i saw

something i read

something i experience plus more

i always say from the beginning that i embrace aspiration from all

i acknowledge it 

i write to myself saying that my goal is to be one of the greatest poet of all times

i have already created that legacy

along with that natural talent comes responsibility

it's still a learning process for me, maturity is in the making of greatness

i'm one who would never steal because i'm not a thief

poetry is an art that i'm developing my craft

poetry has permitted me to build relationships with people

i'm an imperfect human being who never commits harm with the intention of being malicious

that is not who i am

i recited a poem that inspired me by a poet colleague

i resonated and recreated the message with a twist because i relate

what i didn't do is acknowledge the main source of who originated that piece fully

it was express vaguely

harsh reality came crashing down like two careless cars driving recklessly

the only difference is that one of the drivers is dead

and i still here 

after that night, get a message asking the right question " did i plagiarize"?

i said not at all, i stated that a poem you wrote inspire me 

there was a misunderstanding that lead to unanswer questions and assumptions

and it was important to recreate, and resonate, but it was wrong of me to not acknowledge you fully

your disappointment, and anger was justify

i understood..............i came forward not as an artist

but as a man

as a man, it was been taught that if there is a problem, handle it like a man suppose to

whatever the consequences was afterwards

i accept, and move on

i'm the one that have to sleep and live with my choices i made

i came forward to you as a man , and apologize sincerely

from the heart

i know that things won't be the same, i get that

at the same token, one should never punish someone by resurfacing incidents that needs constant reminders

it's about healing someone with peace, responsibility (i accept), tranquility, and encouragement (to do better, and do a better job)

i can hear my lady saying, "babe really"

i can hear by best friend, " bro, just to avoid problems, retire it"

that instant, the recreation of the poem was retired and buried to its core

they have been my biggest supporters (for good and bad)

they are genuinely honest with me (i love them dearly)

that same night, i ask god and his son to forgive me

they did because i woke up that same morning 

by the grace of god

telling me i forgive you, rewrite your own history of wrongdoings, and create your legacy with all the rightdoings, express yourself with convictions

i know for a fact that it was a honest, human error

if god can forgive me for what i did

why won't you? you have every right to be upset

i write this poem to heal myself and understand myself more clearer

i apologize for what i did

you ranted on social media about what happen 

that wasn't cool, see, where i come from, if there's a problem

handle it like a man suppose to and leave it at that

i won't be surprise if people labeled and classified me as a hoax, a fraud, and other kind words...........

that's how people are, they harp on something with hatred, profuse unforgiving hearts

for one unfortunate incident that lead to circumstances that was easily misunderstood

but at least i came forward to you and discuss about the event itself

however you digest it is up to you

the way you fathom my sincerity is up to you

i totally understand if you see me and you discard me like a deadly virus on a computer

but if you are ever here in the audience or on stage 

knowing i can sleep in peace, and shave with my eyes wide open

i apologize to you my brother, hope it is in your heart to forgive me

and put the nail to the coffin of the problem so it can rest in peace


i'm thankfully grateful we spoke

it was an honest discussion that required truth to its core

i take my craft seriously as you do as well

alot was said in which we both agreed , shared, and respected our thoughts

it's about moving on, and forward

i thank you for listening to me, thank you for sharing your beliefs

i thank you for the forgivenes of my indiscretions

i know god and the good lord are proudly embracing the moment

that i came forward like a man to make amends

i give you my word that it will never, ever happen again

whether it's you, or anyone else

i certainly don't want to done to me (i know all about karma)

it comes back and haunts in the worse way

every time i perform, to make it crystal clear when my inspirations come from so that no misunderstandings resurfaces to an unsafe place

believe me when i say that lessons were deeply learned and engraved



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