bad relationships

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Becasue I love you, he said,  when I asked him why? Because I love you, he said, when he made me cry. Because I love you, he said,  when he told me what to wear. Because I love you, he said, 
I will just sit here with disaster around me You regret your decisions yet? I bet she will flee   When she realizes you lied through your teeth to her face she was no good
look at you wit yo bright future why you gon let this nigga mistreat ya wit yo fine ass and you so cold truth be told i mean you got the whip, and ya spot you know you ballin that nigga not
All along, he was memorizing Handel The way he taught himself to worship Fullness, Alberti bass... That perfect Wrong chord with one too many g sharps. The way I breathed through his wax paper lungs
Your skin wears thin, white against your knuckles
My fingers still smell like ammonia,Trying to rid the feel of you on them.You made me feel so unclean,So now, I'm scrubbing away fallacy,Dusting away cobwebs and sweeping the dirt from the floor,
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