My best friend

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My best friend. You make me happy when im sad. Even when im feeling bad. So i am so very glad. Glad your not mad. You may ask why. Becuase i made you cherry pie. Im glad you didn't die.
my bible tells me in the book of Ecclesiastes that when a man leaves his family, he marries his wife under God when a woman leaves her family, she marries her husband, also under God we became one under God
She's my constant friend,  love all the time we spend. My night time cuddle buddy,  and my love unconditionally. My protector in the darkness, my constant soft caress.
feeling blue is not always by choice when i'm blue i can always turn to you big brown eyes that look deep into my soul do you know what i'm feeling and understand my words
We could have been sisters In another life, we should have been After all, you are my mirror.   You know me better than anyone And always know what to say After all, you are my mirror.  
My best friend never tried to change me She only amplifies  my love,  my passions,  my spirit. She brings out the  best in me. When my world is  crashing down 
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