My Best Friend is a Mermaid

My best friend

never tried to

change me

She only amplifies 

my love, 

my passions, 

my spirit.

She brings out the 

best in me.

When my world is 

crashing down 

upon me,

I feel her embrace as

she reassures me that

the world

isn't ending.


There's these special things

that we haved shared

Purple notbeooks,

the Alley Cat,

Art orgies

They all pull me

out of the dark corners

and remind me that

the world is

a beautiful place.

With beautiful people.

But none will glow

as constantly as she will.

Even when she is at

her worst, she is 

wonderful chaos.


My best friend is a mermaid.

She has no fear of depths,

but the greatest fear

of shallow living.


she draws me down,

down into the depths,

farther than I have

ever been.

Adventuring together,

exploring places

neither of us have been.

When I crave to be with her,

I can't decide what to do

because I'm just happy

to be with her.


She'll never see the beauty

that radiates from underneath

her skin,  

her eyes,

her soul.

No, she'll deny

that beauty that

no one else has.

No, she hasn't nor

ever will try

to change who I am.

No, my best friend will

always amplify 

my identity, 

my spirit, 

my soul.

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