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And I see her everywhere Vanishing in the thin blue air A sealed letter in her hand Postmarked from a foreign land Her uniform and face are blue
And in that summer we seemed infinite Hair streaming behind us as we flew Down the neverending driveway Pebbles skidding out of the way Of our whirling wheels Shoelaces flapping against the spokes
Nothing new seems to pass by me. Only few occurrences surround me. Nothing to make me feel desperate, Nothing to make me feel longing.   I close my eyes to feel alive,
Dear One, I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss your spirit and your craft. When I started this letter it was too late,  I should have written it before this date. You taught me kindness
There was a gal named Gailwho said she never would failBut one day she was in jailAnd asked me for bailBut I said the check was in the mailAnd boy did she wail!
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