overcoming depression

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In between I see it I don't know why But I need it I woke up in a cage But it's fine I was born in it In a lifeless room I was made from it Losing touch in the world Don't we all do?
Depression is a selfish illness in that it makes you think  solely about one thing; Oneself.  You try in vain to conquer these demons yet find it does little to  help.
I recall our first sibling school picture, me all curly haired,  smoothed skinned boy, immaculate in uniform.   Later changing school, being in the new house, 'our house' ,
Dear My Biggest Fear,   What are you? This question has been lurking in my mind for quite some time now, So I thought I'd just ask you upfront- what the hell are you?
  A boy, so young, had fallen you see  and struggled, did he, to get off the floor. He walked life's road abysmally but this road of life he wanted no more.  He went through life like he had lost a fight.
A year in the life of Sarah Smith Sometimes I felt like a myth Had a rough time starting out Hitting the floor and blacking out Living in a room of isolation Contemplating my creation
I am imperfectlopsided smilea single dimpled cheekan abundance of freckles and blemishescrooked spinethe scars that are scattered amongst my body tell my story
Last night I met with death again,
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