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I am imperfect

lopsided smile
a single dimpled cheek
an abundance of freckles and blemishes
crooked spine

the scars that are scattered amongst my body tell my story
my childhood fumbles can be seen on my knees
the proof of my puberty on my love handles
a struggle with depression on my thighs, shoulders, and wrists

I am imperfect

I talk over people when I feel ignored
infinitely forgetful
stubbornness that probably roots from my father
a complete inability to pay attention

I constantly miss deadlines
I always end up with burnt toast
bottled up emotions threaten to spill over daily

I am imperfect

and because of all of these flaws
I am somehow flawless

I love the way that I can find humor in most everything
I've learned to accept my failures
the past is in the past
I am not my mother's mistakes or my father's beliefs

I am me
perfectly imperfect
flawlessly flawed
broken and yet seamless

I am imperfect

and I have learned to love that about myself

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