fight back

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“Just carry a gun, “Just carry a knife, “Learn some self-defense, that way you can defend yourself in the face of danger.”   What’s the face of danger then?
Springs under pressure: pushed deep, they rise up the highest. But only if they keep on pushing straight back.
Dear Hate, I hear you around every corner I feel your eyes on me when I sleep you never stop never forgiving never stop hurting me.   I feel powerless against you there is too much of you
I don't want you to think it's over This is just the beginning Let repetition kill the potency Of the demons’ chant “we’re winning” Listen just one more time
America the Great, At least in theory. America the Great, Why are we so dreary?   America the Great, Unemployment, welfare. America the Great, No politician could truly care.  
'Merica Is the old man who stopped and turned To snarl at my mothers beige skin In the dairy aisle without shame It is the voice in my head saying  I'll never be able to hold my girlfriends hand 
I find myself constantly holding back tears Life it’s a pool of sadness inside of me and it’s about to over flow At times I can’t breathe and when I do it only pours more tears into the pool
There is forty students in my physics class. The easels in my painting class are lopsided. I don't know what that thing is in my lunch. In Calculus, we push our tables together to share books.
with my weapon, i protect what's mine a piece of my gun for a piece of your mind can i buy a sliver of your time? i taught my bullets how to read minds   fill our heads with faith and values
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