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Dear Dad,   Sometimes I wish I never met you. 1,000 miles used to be the only distance,  But now we're quite through. And yet, I still think about your existence.
Decolonize my bodyI used my body to make you stay,Enticed you to do things my body wasn’t ready forThings that made me not appreciate my body,You opened me and made room for yourself,Spilling all of meYou colonized a body, you cal
Tick tock  goes that clock  when will it stop? that stupid clock  well, when it stops  so does my heart  Tick tock when will it stop  that stupid clock 
How is this fair?  I offer nothing, yet they give me their swords.  I speak with harsh truths, yet they thank me for my kindness.  I stand humbled by their greatness, and yet they look to me. 
My paradise My sanctuary My place of saving When all else is lost A confusing mess An sweet escape From the brainwashing And self-harm The confusion I feel When you make me feel
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