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 “Click...Clack” the heels hit the ground at a rhythm. Hiss!!! The snakes glare forward with their heads held high each wearing designer Ray-Ban sunglasses that shimmer in the sun.
Dear Forgotten,   You have showed me great things in the last 37,500 hours. Helped me function better than I ever could have without your radiance.   So it pains me to say
Cinderella... So beautiful and down to earth An amazing young lady, unaware of her worth Constantly mocked, always rejected One of the millions feeling neglected A simple night out, but nothing was ever the same
Once there was a little girl Whose cloak flowed down in red Carrying for her grandmother Soups and fresh baked bread ‘Fore she left her mother's house
Once upon a time there was a girl. She inspected herself with a small, dainty twirl. Leaving her home with a basket in hand, She was off on her way to travel the land.
Dressed in silk, dancing with lowborn ilk, His suit the color of foaming milk,
Flitter, flutter, butterfly in the butter. Aunt, aunt, ant in the sugar. Apple, raffle, snapple in the bottle.
"I love you," he said. He did not.     "I love you," she said. She did not.     However, all was not for naught,For both received what they sought.  
Once upon a time in a kingdom far away A young princess often went outside to play. She found comfort in the garden by the pond, With her skin fair and her curling hair blond
Little Red Riding Hood walked through the thickened wood, traveling to her grandma's house not really thinking about a spouse, low and behold she caught someone's eye, but it really wasn't her perfect guy,
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful girl. Her hair smelled of rotten pine, Skin rotting off in whirls.   "Beauty," the Prince said
Rapunzel so beautiful, So delicate, So mystifying. Her hair so long, Long enough to create a wall- Against all- Who dare oppose. She loved to wait upon her window sill,
Lover, Stepping over Boundaries and trials. Leaving me was nasty business ... Murder.
Stranded and alone Nothing to do but look But I do have one thing A nice big book   Adventures galore Oh what this book has in store Until something new Washes up on shore  
For the misfourtuane Of the fortunate Is that they live Within their shell of a life And the foutuane Of the misfourtunate Is that they live Like it will be The last day Of their life
A cool wind blows past my shoulder I turn to you and you look back to me Flecks of sunlight fall through the cracks left by the trees and lay gently on your face I smile as you reach your hand to my cheek
Uplifting? You want to hear about Something uplifting? That's something That's supposed to Make you feel good, make You dietarily regular, make you Want to eat yogurt and dance on
Donuts I don't mind if my studies whirl me through space and time, Time, the dime that pays for our studies, our crimes, The buddies, the lines, defined in our minds,
This beautiful music - The key to my "Someday" That is what I told myself, And it was true This beautiful music got me here This beautiful music got me through A childhood of pain 
A new school year. A new beginning!
Scholl Started but what does that mean? The fun is gone? No it is still here I can now see my friends all together  It is such a great feeling to be reuinted with the ones you care about
I wander through my own mind looking for a sign with the utmost desire to let myself run free my feelings and emotions flow like I just finished reading The Great Gatsby   I have so much to say,
God.Some of you may cringe because I said His nameBecause you expect me to be religiously insane.But I’m just another human, like you who’s got something to say,
I sit down, New baby in my hands. I look around our rundown apartment; “Where is he?” I whisper to the sleeping bundle in my arms. I already know the answer, He left; Never coming home.
I want to wrap youInside myBroken dreamsAnd remember whatIt felt like toSleep alongsideSweet lullabies.I want to tell youWhat’s inside mySweet lullabiesAnd remember what
You seem simple Yet so complex You stare back Your face round and white In an attempt to discover more about you, I peeled back the layers But seeing that side of you only made me cry
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