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The day is beautiful and full of light, I thank God for this delight. As I take a stroll, I stare at the sky, and think of my goals. I will soon be succeeding, even if it leaves me bleeding.
The scratch and swish of pen on paper, Is wind through creaking trees on an Autumn evening
In life they say to cherish every moment, But they seem to always be forgetting about the little things. Graduating high school is a huge moment in one’s life,
Golden fur soft as fleece Asleep is the only time she's ever at peace Tail as fluffy as a plume You can hear it any time you enter the room Two warm brown eyes, four furry paws Loving like it's a law
Music is a escape to me, A way to travel to a different planet while still physically being on Earth A way to release all hidden emotions And a way to forget all of my problems temporarily
Though I have known you for much of my lifeYou always seem to take me by surpriseYou're crazy and random and people say we look alikeBut I don't see it because we aren't even from the same bloodline
Determination. Self Will. How they coincide. Hand in hand like how I am when I am with you. The force that your aura brings when it meets mine. But from where does it stem?
  I missed waking up at a set time,
Summer falls as fall arrives: Crisp, cool air and crunchy, dead leaves. Smells of hollowed-out pumpkins, bringing extra sparkle to a perfectly gray sky. It is time for the most wonderful time of the year.
The other day, someone asked me what made you different from all the other guys I've dated. And all I could think of was how happy you make me feel But it got me thinking, shouldn't every guy make you happy?
Running gives me freedom It is something I have to do alone Running challenges my mind It gives me strength
Alarm, beep beep beep, Wipe grogginess away, Wishing for more sleep, Nervous jitters on the first day,   It's not the first time I am here, Think of the past three years and reminsce,
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