Beauty in a sense


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,
So they say…
and I must say, It soars,
beyond the eyes,
from some Place deeper first.
Beauty starts in the heart, enkindling the soul
Who lights it all.
The Shine derived from our senses,
and so the heart shines a Glow
who escapes to embellish….
Embellish the life of the lives we together live…
Lives Live Life, not just our own.
Beauty shed a touch, a taste, a smell
Beauty by sight, Beauty by sound
Beauty, this Beauty comes from within and with,
Out from within my soul, 
cascades the Beauty that’s sensed by a seed, on its way... 
Poured from within, my Beauty is He who always sustains
my Father He fills me, fills me to pour,
now water a Seed now open the Door now,
awaken Life's wings, awaken and soar
sensing the beauty in mine and yours... 



Beautiful :)

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