breakup love feelings emotions lostlove lovelost

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The stress of never knowing The feeling of loneliness forever growing My darkened heart now showing Slowly enslaving me within my own mind Trapped. The exit seems impossible to find.
If you see someone smile and it makes your breath stop, makes your brain forget what language to speak, run as fast as you can, because they’re sure to break your heart
All these chances I've given you, and All those times you had me regret it  But then I remember our times, our smiles, our jokes and all the lovey dovey things we did  It comes in the way of hating you
For the first time since we parted ways. Tears now streaming down my face. The truth I've been denying has knocked on my door today. The truth is, you actually hurt me, you hurt me having your way.
This was actually writen for a friend who told me how he felt but couldn't really put it to words, so half explained it to me and this happened...
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