Prevent Suicide

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     "Hello my friend"          Him again       "How is your day"             I dont care       "Great play at the game"              Just end it already       How about you jackass
I want to disappear, and leave it all behind. Have all go away, Make my eyes blind. I don't want to see anything at all, I don't want to listen, or answer your calls.
Maybe what we fear most is not failure but the idea of what could be lost.
I went in feeling TERRIBLE this morning. People were SUPER frustrating. Others were HUGE jerks. My body HATES me. My mom yelled at me VERY ferociously. NO one cares. I keep LIVING. I HAVE TO!
When you're worried Don't think you have to walk alone in the rain Love has no boundaries my love You won't ever have to stand alone I will never let you cry in the corner bcause I will be there
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