Bridge(I'll Hold You)


United States
38° 53' 27.9348" N, 76° 56' 49.2792" W

When you're worried
Don't think you have to walk alone in the rain
Love has no boundaries my love
You won't ever have to stand alone
I will never let you cry in the corner bcause I will be there
A fiend that is all alone is someone that has low confidence but I will be the one who builds that strength
Don't cry friend of mine
I am there for you no matter what
No matter what the peolpe say I am waiting there for you everyday
I will always be there for you
I will be a bridge for you when you need somthing that can hold you up
I will hold you but if you cross me then I see you really need me so I won't leave you
My arms will hold you and nurture you when you need me
I am your bridge and I WILL HOLD YOU IF YOU NEED ME TO!!!

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