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Ick Ick IckPick Pick PickTrich Trich Trich.So here's my sob story.November 2006, was when I hit the trich...No, 2007.When you came into my life, after my grandma and dad went to heaven
What makes a princess a princess? Is it her smarts? Or her compassion? Her strong will? Or maybe it’s the way she sings that beckons forest creatures to her whim and call?
  I don't want to look in the mirror and see failure anymore.  I don't want to wish away my shadow.  I want to think of my reflection as beautiful. 
Trying for the relationship I wanted, I copied my father’s moves and emotions. Genetics helped out, only a little. Father, What have I done to myself? Gripping, pulling, plucking, repeat--
The ironic title of a Trichotillomaniac is one not filled with pride, More like anxiety  Which is the quite ironic part considering the fact that  That is all that the disorder is 
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