slam behind the curtains

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Growing Up Growing up, everyone said that what your family does Will reflect on what kind of person you will become when you grow up. After hearing this so many times
The True me,  On the outside anyone can see, But the inside that is the blinded scene. The True me,  accepts everyone as they ought to be, But its society that turns against and judges me. The True me,
I started off small. As I grow and grow I feel that I am more recognizable to my surroundings as one. I combust into a light source so strong, that nobody dares glare at me for too long.
standby lighting cue 237. go.standby curtain call. go.thank you all. great show.clapping and cheering for the castno one ever pays attention to the lighting designer
My teeth gripped the plush bottom of my lip, the nails,
Everyday is the same. Wake up, get ready and put on a brave face for the world. The world which is a cruel place, you can't show emotion. Everyday I act the same but over the years, i've began to change.
Emotion is effortless,  Pain is simple to show. All aspects of us,  want to shine. Pretending is cloudy yet  the sun is hidden behind, Lies make you fake But who wants to cry?
People often hide behind barriers, just to hide their emotions. You dont have and idea of how people are feeling today or how they might react to something you might say.
You see her from across the room, But can you her the thoughts running through her head? The ones telling her that she is not good enough for people like you, a life like this.
Who is I behind the curtain be Am I modest, shy against the weathered sea? A sea of caricature, who am I really for the others to see? Are they ready when I cast my inconfidence aside - the dream?
points for best acting! no truth, just script which I'll read from  forever and forever equipped.   and ill trend the best costumes feather boas and all i'll take heed to the audience
A mask, A curtain, a veil one that seems to hold boredom in it features that may convey anger, seriousness even severeness Silence in the place of words or any other sound But the mind races, then again it doesn't
When can you be yourself?  lifes like a book on a shelf  it has its main plot and events  with nothing more to share  no individuality, something everyone will like  go to the next book you may have better luck  hopping book to book, maybe even a
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