being used

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sometimes i feel like a sheet of aluminum a person not real and slated for repetitive reuse.
Time. It's been 1 week. You've stopped talking to me and it makes me think, Everything is not what it seems. You've stopped with the cute nicknames. You've stopped and I feel like I'm to blame.
I am the soother of souls                        The seducer of the broken I breathe in their pain                    And breathe out their ointment   Yet      They come back
They tell you to trust.
Glasses covered with roses Shattered as he closes the door behind him Heart filled with devastation Tears fill my eyes, asking why? Mustering up the strength to pick up the pieces
You make me insecure. You lied. You looked me right in the eye and lied to me to save yourself. Because god forbid you ever be held responsible for your actions. 
I knew you were Something special One year Eight months And nine days ago when I first saw your beauty soaring over social norms with gilded wings; You could never touch the ground.
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