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Mercury, Venus, Saturn, All the planets, the same pattern, If we listen to their patter, Our world is bones from their matter. The Sun has scorched the planes of Mars,
Boldness and fear  Goliath and Uriah Michal and Bathsheba Saul and Jonathan Amnon and Tamar Brother against sister Absalom and Amnon Son against son  Son against father Child and Solomon Fasting and rejoicing Guilt and forgiveness Blood and temple
The Liberty Bell ringing loud and clear Is the sound of independence Reminding me that I am free.   The red, white, and blue of Old Glory Waving in the wind Is a symbol of freedom
Holy waters of the United States, Wash away the cherry blood on his hands, My voice calls out like David's precious lamb, So lost in the valley of death and hate.
(poems go here) One Up on God By: Kayla Logan 12/30/12
I don’t know how much Corpses can hear, But if you’re hearing, Some things must be made clear After this first year.
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