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God? Where have you wandered? The whole earth is in hell, And your people worship themselves. They prey upon the well natured While they pray to a savior. A savior who died, and rose again.
No offense is a word used so people can say an offensive thing. No offense is a word used to make people feel better about themselves. No offense is a word that allows you that say rude and harsh things.
I am a spicy fabric! I do not stick to the skin I do not sweat And who are you to say I am a ditz to be amazed at life’s simple pleasures? You always like to rain on my parade
I hear the word so often that I have become numb to it. I think that is the worst part.  They call me out of my name and they hate me so much.
What is all this swearing That I hear here at school? No one cares when someone swears But I think it's not cool.   People disagree with me, And swear again to say
Shhhh! Do not you dare compare him to I! For he was not born within a skin that does not comply. I am beautiful, of this I have no doubt, But this is a fact, not a way to stand out.
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