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I have an immortal love to share with someone. My life may last for a hundred years or so, But my love has no time limit. The love in my heart just cannot die. Even after the flesh is gone my love will still live on.
there is something about the way he sings his lyrics are a mystery, old like a redwood's age rings.   everyone knows his name they worship the man, Hozier everyone knows of his fame.  
    That pain more pleasurable Than pleasure itself Our story I'll keep immortal Like a well kept fable I know years from now I'll visit those places Where our memories we once made
Because I am a writer You will never die My love, you'll last forever  Within each line you'll lie   I'll paint all of your features  With my unforgiving words  To me, your imperfections 
i am a tortured dustball sitting on the kitchen floor      polishing a bagel       with a veneer of peanut butter.   slim, competent,  crusty and grumbling at Iggy the Fish -
On the floor with no pulse, no time to grieve. I saw him stiff and cold,     the one who had embraced me in warm arms                      just that night.before.
Have you ever tried to write about the one you love? Struggling to find the purest of words to fulfill The way they make your heart soar like the wings of a dove. Beating so fast cannot be healthy but cannot be still.
I'll sleep when I'm dead when my corpse is cooling my eyes are blank and my hands barely curling the red flush leaking like the last dregs of an empty cup laying as a doll so white and clean
    Abduct our minds. Bend them in two. Take our hearts, And bruise them too.   Your dirty hands, Gripped red soil, Then you checked our pulse   With envious words,
…and as my pen dances, across a page, so white and crisp, she scribbles words, she laughs, she cries, she teaches those who do not know that in order to understand,
Shall I be your humble servant? And you, my darling queen?
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