My Pen Loves to Dance

…and as my pen dances,

across a page, so white and crisp,

she scribbles words,

she laughs,

she cries,

she teaches those who do not know

that in order to understand,

you must read the writing  from one’s hand

you must put aside your fear and try

to read about a girl who cries;

to learn about how he must feel

because his wife unsealed the deal;

and a baby, keeps crying loud

but nobody can hear a sound

 because perhaps they do not wish to hear.

Perhaps there are people in this world

who honestly believe

that their mistakes,

that their choices

will never affect me.

Well listen here, I do beg,

listen to my plea.

I was a beautiful young girl,

with a smile

and hair flowing free

and my dreams were taken,

my thoughts obscured

because that’s what the world does.

It is like a monster,


for optimistic blood.

It saw that I was joyful,

that I saw all that could be;

I saw a world where people loved.

I saw a world where people stopped

and took the time to listen.

I saw a world where I could be

whomever I wanted to be.

And that monster

well he looked at me,

he laughed a great big roar,

he cocked his gun and shot me down.

He smiled

and in a voice real low, yelled,

“You are too young to make a difference

You are too young to make a change

People will never listen

because people just don’t care.

Some kid can’t make an impact

some kid can’t make them stop.

Put those foolish dreams aside

what makes you think

that you can make

the world a better place


And with that he left me,

all alone,

with just a pen and paper

and I jotted down

6 little words

and read them loud and clear



and I ran

and ran

and ran

and I let my black pen dance

because even if I die today

my words will have a chance.

If you keep your thoughts inside

they will die, just like a bug

But if you let the world see

You’ll shine bright, like the sun.

I write because I’m lucky

I write because I know

I write

and write

and like to think

that someday


people like me

will read my words

left on the page

and realize it’s time to make a change.

Or maybe they can understand

a struggle that they’d never know.

Our words are powerful tools

and without them, where would we be?

But understand,

you must write them down

so the entire would can see.



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