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You keep trying to piss me off with the games that you play, But I don't think you realize who you are dealing with, and that I can go all day. You want to slam doors, and you think that I am going to go back and fourth with you,
I'm a lot like Cain, That is, I don’t think about  The consequences of my actions. I don't know What they’ll be  Until they happen. I 
Hidden   Friends, old and new join together, forming an odd kind of family. Drunken men make moves and women refuse until the morning.
You sap my life of joy, Rival, With those words of doubt. I love and you can't, Rival And drive affections out.
He liked to argue.   But most importantly, he liked winning.   Sometimes he would say "I let you win"   He enjoyed seeing a confused face turn his direction for the truth.  
My words are lost tonight. They are in your mouth, Because you always seem to win the arguments.
We argue every day. We argue until walls fall down, Until the neighbors from downstairs look up at us And say the next day “Please don’t slam the door. We hear you.”
I'm right, you're wrong. And I have every right to write that I'm right, because I'm not wrong
The urge to hold the world in hand, reined in, with interlocked gears independently revolving within your palms. I can feel the shift of the earth within my bones and the wind is my blood,
It doesn't feel right when we fight over things that don't matter at all.  And my disbelief at the words that you breathed masks the tears that I'm holding inside.  When we go to sleep
Just Smile.  That was all I was told as a child.
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