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"Who are you," he asks, "Are you a god or a fool?" I tweet in response, "Noobmaster, It's Thor again..." Hammer and beer at my side.  
I have never been so down Not to be to angsty I'm not, just down I rolled into a bar, Just to sit and be near someone. The dudes here just Talk about beer, and woman And me? Im missing mine.
A job, a hangout, but, most importantly a place to drink beer! In the winter we're slow and idle in the summer we're busy,  with inventory vital.   Throughout the time I've been around,
Shedding light on flaws Like street lights above our heads We relish the rays but stay in the dark   We hide our mirrors Because our eyes are too keen to see the hidden storms  
I drank a pint of beer. I chased it with a glass of gasoline. I filled it to the brim with the stuff. Yea, thats the stuff. I walked over to Joe. "Hows the wife and kids?" I took a swigg of Gas.
(…for AJ) It took a thousand men to get him to the Mic And Mike, he stood on the table dancing for joy Though it would have been better if he had danced To his heartbeats seconds before the men conquered.
I said, “I only had one, just one beer.”They trusted me to drive them home that night.I said, “I’m fine; there is nothing to fear.”  
Dear lord could it be, here I am for all to see. In front of the class paying my dues, speaking aloud to all of you. I was quite scared and oh so lost, when my teacher said we'd be here with a cost.
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