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We all want love. (Don't we?) SAY NO. To the hate. Discrimate. For goodness sake. We all want affection. (Don't We?) Show me that. Yes I will and everyday. We all want. Many things. (Don't We?)
While it may seem obvious, I simply must point out that what I need for living is the thing that causes droughts. When stranded on an island with this necessity all around I actually could swim in it
All these haters observin’ me. Colliding their trash, an attempt to murder me. But these niggas haven’t even heard of me. Ill kill you off verbally. Destroy your life emotionally. Disturb your soul mentally.
when i think of moist i think of the inside of a dying whale when i think of moist
I drink from my cup. I lift it right up. I drink water, juice, and milk. They all go down smooth like silk. Oh, how I love my cup.
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