Victorious Vapor.

All these haters observin’ me.

Colliding their trash, an attempt to murder me.

But these niggas haven’t even heard of me.

Ill kill you off verbally.

Destroy your life emotionally.

Disturb your soul mentally.

Organs dissolving, internally.

Let your god give you eternity.

But believe me Ive got the capacity.

Put you on the spot with my high beams.

Showing these silly boys who the Lyrical Goddess is.

Let you know, so you know who I Be.

Don’t question my authority.

You motherfuckers got the audacity.

To intervene in my life.

Involve my relationship between those lies.

A Disguise to your nervous reaction.

I fear only those that have no voice and commit no action.

Youre scared of death, I just reincarnate

My rhymes make your body shake.

Go ahead try to retaliate

Ill just reinstate

Let me reiterate

The Goddess Is I and this is why I spit

Killing silly little boys thinking theyre hard cause they can rhyme like a bunch of babies.

Give me some space let me disinfect myself, they might have rabies.

Ill drop the mic and catch you later.

Disappear from the stage cause this is vapor. 


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