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Without us, I lived as though I didnt give 2 fucks. There was no we, no possibility of an us. There was silence, no arguing, no bickering, no cussin', no fuss.
 Have you ever just laid on your backFingers in the grassAnd your heart in your ears? A thumping song in your skull,The pulse and vibrationOf your hopes and your fears?
A mind of wonders, Imagination locked inside.   Idle hands, desperate to be untied.   Expressions bleeding, through the veins.   From the wild mind,  To dormant hands.
One year. So much And yet, nothing Lose my life Lose my mind Lose my friends Lose myself. Move.
Raising sons full of ire, Restraint is no longer their friend. With news, IT builds a fire. In only destruction it will end.   You did this, you did that, Three hundred years of accusation.
you know even with all the pain in my life i still live each day and get through the night i must still be looking for something or maybe someone because if i wasnt looking you bet i'd just run
Our education system has got to do better. I know nothing is perfect, but we can not go on like this forever. Kids using profanity instead of the intellect God gave them.
When you say "Goodbye, I love you," I just wanna take you away  and show you a better place than the dashboard and the faces people make.  
Day One. We all smiled at each other, prospective friends, Day Twelve, We hate each other, more than we can bear. The darkness we've found in these halls has begun to transcend,
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