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Controlled, Focused Intensity ~ By DebiLyn 09/08/22  
ROMANTIC EMOTION Only the eyes 👀 of realist could see the intensity of such beauty in her. I see beyond facial expression. See--- those teeth creates romantic emotion. #C9_fm
Now I Have Had It Said That I’m Pretty INTENSE... !!! Which I Guess Is Because My Thinking Is STRONG... !!! As Is My Poetry Because My Verse Deals In HARSH REALITIES... Rather Than Fallacies And Foolish FANTASIES... !!!!!!
People yearn for attention, pictures, videos, A contagion of media, However, I wish to recede into mystery, A shadow in the background. A well-dressed silent martyr of who no one knows the sound of their voice,
I ramble on Like no one is watching. You don't interupt me, And I wish you would.   Tell me I'm crazy That I make no sense, right? You can't stand my talking About the things that make
Every inch of my skin where you touched me now burns Every emotion you made me feel must burn Every memory of us will burn   I do not hate you I hate what you did The things you said
What is our innate reason for our existence? Has it always been burning bright - Brighter than the fiery red that fills the sky In an instantaneous sunrise? In some cases, our core has flowed more intensely
T  eaching is the job for me E  ducating teens with intensity A  ll the while instilling integrity
Not everyone can live life in the “intense” mode It taxes their emotions, and that they cannot bode They want to be laid back and take things in their stride So they tuck away their hearts and then run and hide
What other way do I feel less intensity, It is my way of going over in reminiscence. The more objects blocking my way in life, just gives me more reason to write.
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