Every inch of my skin where you touched me now burns

Every emotion you made me feel must burn

Every memory of us will burn


I do not hate you

I hate what you did

The things you said

The way that I fell for them


That wasn't your fault

It was mine 

For being so malleable


I will not let this happen to me again

I will be tempered with this flame

It will cleanse me of my regrets

And I will emerge much stronger and more fearsome


I am more powerful since you weakened me

I am more driven since you stalled me

I am more myself since you had been part of me


You cannot take anything from me

You will never find someone with a flame like mine

I am the only one who burns so white-hot

That it takes me only hours to rid myself of any trace of you


I will scorch my way into your memories

So you only remember what you lost

Nothing on this Earth is enough to suffocate me


I am power.

I am intensity.

I am fire.

And I will burn.

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