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Without u, what could I ever be? The words I make are as Nastaliq, for though I write them no one understands Without u, though they say it is the height of civilization I feel the Qayaman is here
Abrasive, apparently accepted, accomplices. Blinding belligerent beasts bounded by Chaos. Caged, confined, conflicted, Deliberately demanding depression.
The aliens arriving now they do not come in peace.   Terrorists use bombs that blow up in the street.   Cyborgs used to be like us but aren't anymore.
Letters, 26, Everything we are, and will ever be, A compilation, Of 26, All that's been said, All we will ever say, A mix of 26,  Letters, A, B, C, Makes up you,
a is for apple b is for bad poetry
26 Letters Take Different Forms Shift, change, evolve, Like any good human would. 26 Letters Are a puzzle. When they're jig-sawed into the right place, They express so much more then the 
Awaiting the moment, these are supposed to be the Best days of our lives, but Can’t you see that we’re all Drowning in stress and drama? There are too many Emotions thrown around, we
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