High School


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Awaiting the moment, these are supposed to be the
Best days of our lives, but
Can’t you see that we’re all
Drowning in stress and drama? There are too many
Emotions thrown around, we
Fall in and out of love, acting like we’re
Grown, but we’re really just
Heading for disaster, unknowing, so
Innocent to the outer world, we
Just keep going with the flow of the world, with each push
Keeping our heads just barely above the water, pausing,
Listening, waiting, learning. Waiting to
Make our place in this
New unforgiving world. We
Open our eyes, trying to make sense of these unfamiliar
Pages of this newly bound rule book called Life. Rule One: Be
Quiet, in life you can never express your true feelings. We stop
Reading after seeing this, and just give in to the defeat, we shall
Succumb to the pressures of this
Tortuous world, but we must, we will,
Until the day we die we will remain here, acting less than
Virtuous, realizing we are human, remembering
When we were younger, all those days trying to be
eXactly like everyone else, but we never realized we would become like this, and
Yesterday is only a day in the past that we cling on, ticking back till the clock reaches


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