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This sadness Sits idly in my chest Like an unseen counterweight  Pulling my heart towards the earth-       begging for rest.   I beg for rest, too I beg for clarity
I love the color periwinkle and I love the smell of rain. I love the touch of skin to skin, I love cats. I love fuzzy socks and onesies and I love crazy lip colors.
Lipstick on the lisp, from taking sweet sips of tea. Unwinding after a long day even making it is therapeutic boil the water, steep the tea,
Watch those eyes,they'll pierce holes in your soul. Watch that smile,It'll cut your heart in half. Be weary of that walk,It'll stop the oxygen in your lungs.
She slicked the red across her lips,
I saw a smuge of eyeliner  on her sunned, freckled cheek I wish I didn't have to watch her shimmy  sighing hard  into her jeans or smearing her lipstick  on a dry dark mouth
pink lips pink hair cartwheels i dont care. sunglasses wineglasses kisses on the run. short skirts outskirts i hate everyone.
In my sleep I dreamt it was day.
The Invisible Lady   This lady paintsHer face without makeupAnd she wears no skirtsOr dressesShe is the eye of manyEven though she publiclyIs the face of distain
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