personal experience

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You say you're broken. That you're scattered and lost and falling apart. You lean all of your weight on me. Your limbs have fallen off. You cry and cry and cry. I pat your back.
A beautiful creature With a mane full of snow Silently sits Though she always knows   In the dark nights When no one is near He comes The only one to hear  
Peotry is a wonderful excercise for those who's minds wonder lacking the concentration to write novels and lofty papers A poet will describe the vomit on the sidewalk a writer will detail how it got there
lit is lit the written word the modern expression lit is lit am i horse or girl misinterpretation despite careful deliberation must get five must get five a juggler
It is something that is invisible and difficult to see yet at the same time you know something is wrong with me the feeling of an invisible knife that pierces through the heart
I hate when people say,“I understand.”When they don’t.Sometimes, when I hear that phrase,I just want to scream:You don’t know me!You don’t know what I’ve been through!You don’t know what I’ve done!
I asked Santa, yes, whispered in his ear Oh Santa, Santa, Santa dear Please just a little trip, oh how I'd love to go
  I hear you giggling, but I am uninvited You cant imagine, how I feel whited out Your eyes cuss me in disgust, bruised in unpleasantness, igniting my plight, like black kite feeding on my dialect and intellect.
Dreams Float up to me. Whispers Of what could have been. Moonlight Soaking a road Song Filling my ears...   Wishing They could have been Me.
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