first haiku

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Looking at our world Growing trash and killing dreams Will it ever stop?
In an land of lies          I see through your great disguise And I envy you.   
Who am I you ask? A question from a stalker. Now leave me alone.
The mouse in the cage tries to overcome its hardship but never knows its gone  
It's hard to wake up I look forward to my friends I can now wake up  
There’s a lot to speak But nothing to be spoken Smile, and say “Better, mostly”
I am a poet There, I finally said it No more denial   I am the girl who Sees trash along the roadside And thinks, “A poem!”   The girl whose words fly
I am a gamer A lover, a friend for all I am a student 
Coffee is awesome. It helps me study for tests and stay up all night.
rain drops dotted face
I would change it all To be free, or maybe just me To be seen, as me
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