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“Almost” An adjective meaning very near or not quite. What a terrible word that holds a painful truth. I dread these six letters, as anyone would.
Where did you go my friend? You left me all alone in the cold Your reasons I cannot comprehend My feelings and thoughts I put on hold We had each other once again Old friends comforting our pain
We used to be inseparable, But that quickly changed.  When he came along,    By you I became estranged. 
YOU AND ME I wanted to choose the path,With my better half.But sadly you couldn't see.That all I wanted,was for You to be with Me.   ~Linus.A.    
I'm a fly wearing yellow paint - hiding with the worker bees. And when my stripes are gone so am I because I never was truly part; and I know the stripes aren't mine to wear (but I want them to be).
If you know me by my presence, You know me by my appearance. If you know me by appearance, You probably don't know about my absence. If you know me by my absence, You don't know my reason.
We are sperated by "late" Every border on a map shows how we are different. So seperate and divided that we cannot equate The pain that we each go through So we talk about finding peace when
Nco Koj nco koj heev. Hnub twg kuv mas li tau koj los puag? Kuv mas ua siab ntev. Kuv mas ua lub siab tu tu tos txog hnub ntawm. Kuv . . . nco koj nco koj nco koj tshaj plawm li os.
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