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My days are the yearning kind Desiring for what only God can provide  Looking elsewhere for what can only be found inside  Luke 17:21 set of mind 
The Sims is everything And when I say everything I don’t mean it in the cliché trendy girly way Of omg this is everything
Walking into class I realize that I have fell Into a new frenzy   My way of thought changed I started thinking of what
My parents say I spent too much time on the computer, They say I only like it cuz it's so much newer, But truth is computers are somewhat special, In how much they give you power and make you level,
When I grow upI want to be a programmerNot just any kindI want to write video gamesMake a character run or jumpMake a gun fireRemoving bugsGetting feedbackMaking changes
"Does the wind still rise?" stories told won't be forgotten kids running and the sun setting tell me these don't mean something can i tell you a story that you will clutch and carry and never let go
debugging my code I'm yelling profanity feels great to finish
In high school I was smart, confident, but quiet Never was one to propose a riot But now I'm in college and I've seen it through What time-worn technology does to you  
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