My parents say I spent too much time on the computer,

They say I only like it cuz it's so much newer,

But truth is computers are somewhat special,

In how much they give you power and make you level,

My mother looks at what I write and can't understand,

But I can read my writing since I wrote it with my own hands,

When I go outside to the park I miss my variables,

I miss my semi-colons, brackets, and my ellipses,

I love my computer language and I speak it well,

If I didn't have JavaScript I'd be in Hell,

I express myself with numbers and brackets,

Without my computer I'd be hitting people with mallets,

I've got nothing better to do so why not do something I love?

Programming is what helped humans make rockets to go up above!

My programming helps me understand math,

If I need to cut 200 in half,

And don't even get me started on HTML,

With the <head> and <title> what I write is sure to sell,

If I earned my living doing this I would not feel sad,

In fact I think I'd be happy and pretty glad,

Cuz I've got nothing better to do so why not do something I love?

JavaScript is my groove and I'll write it until I shove,

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