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I miss who I thought you were But then again did I even really know you Heartfelt love letters one moment then the next you barely show any love I miss your hugs They filled the hole in my empty heart
    i used to think my love language was physical touch i loved the feeling of hands intertwined   the leaning of shoulder against shoulder
When I'm with you I'm at my best You never made me feel less You're my sunshine If you leave me that'll be a homicide   Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub The drumbeat that engulfs me in a hug
You'll never know How wonderful It truly is To be in your arms And just for a moment Let go Of all of my fears
Becuase I love you I... Sneak up behind you to give you a warm hug, Go to the store and buy your favorite food,  Give you a kiss whenever we are seperated, Never go to bed arguing,
  There's  a girl i know Who makes me laugh on my darkest days There's a girl i know Who gives the best hugs There's a girl i know Who helps me through everything There's a girl i know
Arms reaching for camaraderie   Fingers intertwining in wooden harmony   Hugs paper-thin mutually caressing   Weathered hearts
You know I say I'm okay, And that I will push you away. But I want you to know what I want.   I want you to hug me, And tell me that you know I'm not. And hold me though I'm distraught.  
If I was ever caught in a tempest or drought I know something I can't live without Not my phone, since it's likely to die Not my laptop, or my favorite apple pie My father's bear hugs are all I really need
I just want a hug, To forget about the past To focus on the present and to stop worrying about the future. I just want a hug To forget about my bad day and just lay in your arms for comfort. I just want a hug,
I don't want to hug  people anymore.  their traces are like stains  that I can't wash away, and I can taste  the insincerity in my mouth  as their arms 
A happy warmth in their arms, Parent's duty attained, All together as one, Rage no more outside world, Enter a dream of comfort and joy, Never part, Together for life, Safety in his arms,
Everyone needs hugs.
each day I think about what you would say ifI told you'I miss you.'how you would react ifI grabbed your hands andlooked into your eyes like we used to do. where your arms would be if
Flowing through my classeswalking down the hallspeople start their laughingso I look down as I walkI pity classless filthy trashThat's just the way I feelSometimes I shatter like glass
“For Lexi Brain”because you are something specialand I see it in your eyesespeciallybut not restricted tothe time on FridayI thinkOr Thursday
This is your year to leave the nest Your mother cries, Your father cries, Wishing you all the best This is the year you must look after your own health Time to take the claws out and fend for yourself
Close your eyes Feel the breeze Hear the wind In the trees Shed a tear Say goodbye Life is flying Right on by New beginning a fresh start Leaving home Breaks your heart
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