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Give me a secondJust one secondI need a way out I need a place to breatheI need a place to think
A baby, not even a moment oldIts story is unwritten, clean, untoldGrows into a child, encouraged to fulfill his dreamsJust be sure to fit within society’s scheme
The ability to hide in plain sight Is a gift and a curse. Always doing what's considered "right",
These times are clouded by impenetrable facades; Captivated by the immaculate charades. Foreseen by those that are watching in awe, As they stand only to be cursed and decay.  
Theres two of us hereOr maybe threeI don’t know anymoreI stopped knowing a long time ago. Or was it recent.But it doesn’t matter because theres not just one.Thats bad.Right?
Shapeless as the shadowthey creep,they lurch,they change,from the bright dayjoyous and gay,or the dim twilight,melancholy and grievous,to the black nightraging and grim.
The fiendish desire to die lurked in the depths of the innocent. Lost little souls with nowhere to go with their perception all crooked and bent.
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