"I'm fine."

Give me a second
Just one second
I need a way out 
I need a place to breathe
I need a place to think

Walls are crumbling in
The floors are made of paper
One movement, one action
And this whole charade
Is forever over

The skies are screaming 
But the people are silent
Walking along like mindless drones
And stuck in a perpetual loop
Of the same tracks of old

They speak in gibberish
Their logic making no
Complete and logical sense
As they struggle to utter
Even a simple sentence

People think speeches
And letters are needed
To address this kind of
Situational dilemma of life
As if it fixes a damn thing

Two little words 
That's all it takes
To tear you, I, and everyone
Down to little pieces 
Stripped to only our naked skin

Warnings and cautions
Cannot save anyone now
As our freedoms of free speech
Are sucked down our own throats 
As if our bodies were the vacuums 
Of that which is space

Two words
One sentence 
So powerful 
So dangerous 
And said everyday.

"I'm fine."



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