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I'm Unchained.  I'm Django trying to fandango. Only I have the key though, and it fits the hole Like wack-a-mole with a bowl my mind is swole. I need paper. Without I'm nothing,
 It takes a hero to live life,A master to love life,And a monster to take life.Ceaselessly pulling myself together, only to have everything unravel,Like twine in a fire,Ashes lost in the wind,Smearing the shore.Carrying my placid regretsThat I hav
who would make me do something like that? who would make me feel that way?
Everyone thinks they are great But no one is better than me I can predict the future I have a photographic memory And I control all beings I find enlightment in my dreams I make horror movies scream
I am not a genius I have wished to be Wanted to be But am left knowing I am not I have focused on what I’m not Read of those called genius Thought of how to be Yet was not born to be
"Genius is not the answer to all questions Its the questions to all answers."  Lesson 1, Tablo
Although I may not have a score as high as you for my IQ Don't think that I'm any less than you Because I don't have to know advanced mathematics and quantum mechanics In order to be labeled a genius
The genius of a person,  Is something so small,  Yet is so big. Genius is not found in beauty,
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
I fear that as I grow older,I am not so much getting wiser,But rather, imaginativeIn hiding my lack of knowledge.
We each have a well inside of us, filled with exhilaration and craze. It is our driving force. It is the host of every moral and desire we once entertained. It is the common truth that connects us all,
A man, far surpassing his time, Sojourns patiently for the population To catch his wit and grasp his rhyme, But our minds equivocate in their stations.
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