One job could change my life

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Onto the South face, my mind is a yearning flake, nude and bare I am.
The world is an open book each country another page- as I hide in my cozy nook I cannot control my rage
What do you want to be?  We have been asked since we were little.
Have you known what you want to do your whole life?
I'm stuck in a junkyard, a graveyard, a garden of broken dreams Full of flowers that never sprouted or maybe tried to but never had a chance. I walk along the graves of fallen angels who now have grown cold and mean,
One Job Could Change My Life
The clock ticks seconds away A sudden ring - Children scramble for the door, But not Lily.   I wave goodbye to the others, All the while pondering the lessons to come. Will they improve?
One job could change my life. One job could make a difference in the world that I have come to know. Just one. For once, one job in my life that isn’t working for my dad or house sitting or babysitting.
I will not disappear I won’t let the sands of time Drag me down and out of view. I will rise and and climb until I've done all I can do.
I fear staring into the abyss
  The handcuffs are on
Grease and grime, I can smell the oil. I can hear the engines roar. The vbrations now are overwhelming; I know what I was made for. This amazing world, I've come to know has captivated my gaze.
Since the age of two, I knew what I wanted to do, For I knew I was going to change the planet, I knew I was going to have to nail it,
For many years I've dreamt of many things, but this job I dream is meant for me. There may be a shock to which this dream brings, but when I was a child I had a dog named Lenny.
Just a high school senior looking to make my dream a reality, Homework and quizzes, Test after test, All to get a piece of paper at the end of 13 years saying you've graduated,
Just one day. Just one smile. Just one to say, That i made a change.  Just, one day i wll create somthing amazing, Just one day, I will create something new.  With just this one job,
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