prose poetry

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dear Me in the Closet, imagine a sunrise that goes on for forever,the radiant colors staining every inch of the sky you see.beautiful, right?
Right shoulder, snow, Left shoulder, sky.  I am tumbling through a world of icy sensation.  No thought exists here, no form of mental concentration, Only activation of the senses:
I promise I'm not xenophobic brothers and sisters forgive me for my insecurities,I'm only afraid to see you having the courage I lack to get this paper on roll but forgive me If I wronged you.
The hood is thy only institution that teaches a n**ga about the realism of life the truth vs a lie.
the system is the reason the hood got so f**ed Up in the first place Everyday we get trapped in the chain Of the system and dressed in the Same costume its no wonder success takes
Step out of your comfort zone and become unstuck out of your ways and show case your skills to reach your most greatest Levels in life. Be crazy enough to dream while you still have the chance and become more than just the
I am an african child with a troubled journey to success,A cursed spirit that lacks faith for its own creator because I carry a heavy a** dark cloud of fear for my own ancestral chosen path ever since religion forced me to turn my back on real af
I'm a dreamer call me a prototype of reality A destined leader with a calling to pave these streets with hope,so my followers keep believing In the image of JAH again when they see I The creator who designed me to be a warrior with these words tha
I am the lightning and you are the thunder and together we accompany the rain.  But on a night like tonight, the lightning strikes alone and it causes an uneasiness in my soul.  But I carry on, because
“Her face was priceless!” We collapsed into laughter. “And remember that time at Wal-Mart?” I gasped, turning to look at her. But she was wasn’t there.
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