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My body is a cage. Its walls made of flesh and tissue As long as I am trapped in this body I will never be free.   My lips are sealed together
    Persephone  He was so nice when we met,  Until one day he would let me leave. I was given a pomegranate red and sweet, Six sweet seeds I did eat. Now I’m his half a year, 
A mind of wonders, Imagination locked inside.   Idle hands, desperate to be untied.   Expressions bleeding, through the veins.   From the wild mind,  To dormant hands.
Shadows line the walls When sun light fades And darkness falls. And into the abyss  The tormenting pit We find ourselves bound.   The ropes of doubt The shackles of fear
This shadow covers me It's so dark They walk about I can't give up I'm deep in pain Screaming for help They are looking They don't care I am an animal I AM their joy But I need help
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