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I'm sitting on the tongue of a wild beast-- The red rasp stained like concrete when children scape their knees. I can't fall. I know I can't fall again, because I'm terrified to see the bones underneath--
happy valentine’s day to me by debi lyn 02/14/22   I've cared & cared so much; tis true,
ESCAPE By Debi Lyn 08/29/21   I can't;I try.I don'tknow whyI can'tjust die.  
When flying, One should be careful.   So many things could go wrong.   You could be like Icarus-- so enamored  by the light by the wind and the great,
For all these years, Thin like organdy, I’ve wandered under Some sickly guise Some sickly guise That I hailed as an apex of truth
"An epiphany!An epiphany!" they cried.
Deodorant sent them to space
How much canI take? The drinksdon't drown me likeI hope they would.You killed me whenyou killed us. Youbroke me downwhen you dropped me fordiamonds.I don't shine or sparkle
When withing reach, yet out of grasp, my arms yearning to hold her. When looking back through all the past, not quite knowing that it's over. When present seems to flee from view, when hearts begin to break,
The time we spend with ourselves when living in a community full of so much. The money we try to save towards spending on the next new thing. The work we put into not working at all
Long ago, I was no lost soul 
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