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I know nothing, since when i fell in dilemma, within that world of violence, i became nothing among things, as the sleeping hog! I'm singled, living in this shade of sorrows and struggles,
AIDS, AIDS. It is out there. Regardless of gender, HIV/AIDS taint anyone. AIDS test.
I'm afraid she'll never be healed; she had love, now this she'll lack. A potato only turns black when the skin is peeled.
What are you hiding from? It is only the truth you have to tell so say it out loud tell people how you slowly fading in and out of society, Poisoning us people with your imperfections and sickening ways,
There’s something about Caps and Gowns, And burning from Chlamydia That could make last will out of diploma Memories of the prom night church girl
Someone else offered to drive but you took the keys instead Now you're speeding down the highway with a cool buzz in your head You died on impact the police officer said
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