There’s something about Caps and Gowns,

And burning from Chlamydia

That could make last will out of diploma

Memories of the prom night church girl

Proving more Mary Magdalene before saved

Funny how bed sheets can unmask the facade from a soul


Praying while walking in military fashion to,

Piano playing “Pomp and Circumstance”

Clutching phone in pocket resisting that pulsating urging itch

Or showing discomfort on face

Studying the passing faces

Hi-fives from students to teachers

Students to loved ones and siblings

Seeing loved ones

Melancholy feeling from mom’s tears of joy


Thinking back to that silent night

Prom night rendezvous

Hotel Suites


And golden calculators

Dividing bodies crashing into each other
Lustful screams on squeaking bed springs


Take it off

We don’t need it

Gemini smile speaking seductively

Throwing away protection

Now being infected with an affection infection

And praying that the curable didn’t come with something



And the more claps heard at this solemn event,

The more it burns

Think back to the LPN classes

Learning the importance of the tools of contraception

And why it must be used for every form of intimacy

Think back to shotgun in pop’s car when he said

Prevention is better than cure

Think back to the clinic

And how Christian you became to even remember God’s name

When seeing the waiting room videos of people

With HIV, AIDS and advanced stages of Syphilis

Think back to the clinic syringe needles taking samples

Think back to the clinic and the burning from piss to cup

Think back to after the clinic to the treatments but still have

To wait a week to know whether or not this curable sickness

Came with HIV, AIDs or some form of advanced stage Syphilis

From the waiting room video

Think back to the

Relax, it’s curable!!!!

She says,

Two days before graduation…

And all the while,

All eyes focused when summoned to walk on stage

Head held high

Chest out

Honor’s sash glimmering from medals and pins

From awards

Smiling while the crowd screams your name

While she sits in the crowd smiling back at you…


Classmates cheering

Family’s elation

Mommy screaming

That’s my baby …


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